Profile | Kazuki Chigita

A junior software engineer who is interested in mobile app development.

Born in Fukuoka, Japan, 1997. In March 2021, He graduates University of Tsukuba, majoring in computer science.

He is a software engineer focusing on the development of technical infrastructure to support both the user's service experience (UX) and the developer's development experience (DeX). He is particularly good at developing mobile applications (Android / iOS).

While developing software as a student, he was also engaged in research on medical image processing.


*****, corp. (April 2021 - now)

Works as an android application developer.

Telorain, inc. (August 2020 - December 2021)

Works as an iOS / webfront / backend engineer. Propose an architecture that ensures both development speed and execution speed of measures. Also responsible for designing measures and evaluating their operation. Developed iOS application Telorain. And developed a service to support two-way communication using WebRTC.


University of Tsukuba (April 2019 - March 2021)

Master’s Degree, Graduate school of systems and information engineering Department of computer science

University of Tsukuba (April 2017 - March 2019)

Bachelor’s Degree, School of informatics, college of media arts, science and technology

National Institute technology, Kurume college (April 2012 - March 2017)

Associate’s Degree, Department of control and information systems engineering


International Conference (peer review | oral)

1. Kazuki Chigita, Jian Dong and Hiroyuki Kudo. 2021. An iterative reconstruction method for CT metal artifact reduction using L1 norm data fidelity and nonlocal TV regularization. IFMIA 2021. DOI:

2. Hiroyuki Kudo, Kazuki Chigita, Yongchae Kim and Jian Dong. 2019. Metal artifact reduction in CT using fault-tolerant image reconstruction. SPIE 2019. DOI:

3. Yonchae Kim, Hiroyuki Kudo and Kazuki Chigita. 2019. Image reconstruction in sparse-view CT using improved nonlocal total variation regularization. SPIE 2019. DOI:

4. Tomoya Hirakawa, Kazuki Chigita and Yoshimitsu Kuroki. 2018. Distributed compressed hyper spectral image sensing using ADMM. IWAIT 2018. DOI: